Fair Dealings Charter

The Management of RHB Bank Berhad Singapore Operations is committed towards delivering fair dealing outcomes to our customers. To this end, we have in place a comprehensive Fair Dealing Framework to promote and inculcate a fair dealing culture throughout our organisation.

We continually strengthen our internal processes and procedures for the sale and marketing of investment products to ensure that at all times our customers’ interest are protected and be accorded priority. These include:

  • The setting up of a committee consisting of management to oversee the delivery of fair dealing outcomes
  • Remuneration systems that are consistent with delivering fair dealing outcomes
  • Training and Competency programs to ensure that our employees are competent in product knowledge and the conduct of business rules so as to provide quality advice and appropriate recommendations to customers
  • A Due Diligence Process for Product Selection to meet our customers’ needs
  • Guidelines to Sales Practices on FAA Products which are based on our customers’ needs to ensure customer-product suitability
  • Regular review of our fact finding process
  • Complaints and feedback avenues and clear resolution processes and timelines


RHB shall ensure in the best possible way that the information on all products and services are transparent and not misleading. RHB also ensures fair and accurate disclosure of information. We constantly strive to maintain the highest level of service and welcome any feedback which will help us identify areas of improvement in our products and services.

RHB Bank Berhad will continue to review our processes and adopt best practices in the interest of promoting service excellence to our customers.

Yours Sincerely,

RHB Bank Berhad Singapore


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