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Portfolio Financing

Portfolio Financing is an overdraft facility that accept one or multiples collateral which give you opportunity to grow your asset.

  • Extensive List of Collateral – Multiple Collateral Type with high margin of advance

  • Competitive Interest Rate – One of the lowest rates in the market

  • Flexi withdrawal – Withdraw for your next investment purchase without hassle

  • Leveraging opportunity – Opportunity to grow your asset

List of Collateral

Eligible Collateral Type

Asset Margin of Advance

Fixed Deposit

Up to 100%

Unit Trust

Up to 70%


Up to 70%

Insurance Policies

Up to 90% of Day 1 Cash Surrender Value


Up to 70%

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List of Acceptable Collaterals
Fees and Charges





Custody Account Maintenance Fee
(For ELN, Bonds & Equities)

0.2% p.a. of the month end AUM or subject to minimum S$50/US$30per quarter
(To be charged end Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec)


Transfer of Securities

i. Inward

ii. Outward



For Equities - Flat fee of S$50/US$30 and 0.03% of transfer value, subject to a minimum of S$150/US$100
For Bond – Flat fee of S$50/US$30


Corporate Action

i. Dividend payment (Cash)

ii. Right Issue

iii. Bonus Issue

iv. Cash Offer

v. Rights / Warrant Issue

vi. Rights / Warrant Conversion


1% on net dividends, Min S$10/US$10 - Max S$200/US$150

S$20/US$15 per counter

S$20/US$15 per counter

S$20/US$15 per counter

S$20/US$15 per counter

S$20/US$15 per counter

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