Enhancement of Travel FX App and Re-branding of Travel FX Card

A fresh new look coming soon!


We are redesigning the mobile banking experience for you! As part of our ongoing effort to bring you simple and seamless banking at your convenience, there are some enhancements to the RHB Travel FX App soon.

Enhanced and refreshed App – RHB Mobile Singapore
The existing RHB Travel FX App will be enhanced with a completely new look – with added features and functions. In this first release, you will be able to:

view all your RHB Bank deposit accounts safely and quickly with biometric or PIN login
perform funds transfer on your RHB accounts
apply for a new deposit account or card
track and change FX 24/7 at competitive rates

Update your existing RHB Travel FX App when prompted by the App to do so to enjoy a new mobile banking experience with RHB Mobile Singapore.

The existing Terms and Conditions have also been updated. You may refer to the updated versions here:

Terms and Conditions for RHB Mobile application
RHB FX Multi-Currency Card Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are you introducing these new features on the App?
  We are enhancing the App to provide more banking services on a mobile platform for our customers. This is part of our commitment to provide faster and more efficient channels for our customers to bank with us. You will continue to enjoy the existing features of the RHB Travel FX Card (which will be known as RHB FX Multi-Currency Card) on the App.
2) When will the RHB Mobile App be launched?
  The RHB Mobile App will be launched between June and July 2020 and will be available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
3) Can I use my RHB Now Internet Banking ID and Password to login to this new app?
  As the application is built on different platforms, you will not be able to log in to RHB Mobile using your login details for RHB Now Internet Banking. Please register for an account to access the new RHB Mobile App.
4) I am an existing RHB Travel FX App user. Do I need to download the new RHB Mobile app?
  As an existing RHB Travel FX customer, you do not have to download the RHB Mobile App. You will only need to ensure that the RHB Travel FX App is updated when you are prompted to do so when accessing the App. This would allow access to RHB Mobile and its new features. You will be prompted to update your App via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your phone’s Operating System.
5) I am an existing RHB Travel FX user. Can I log into RHB Mobile using my current ID and password?
  You will be able to log in to RHB Mobile using your existing RHB Travel FX App login credentials. No further registration is required.
6) I forgot my RHB Travel FX username/ password. How can I retrieve them?
  If you have forgotten your username, please contact our Customer Care & Contact Centre at (Toll-Free) 800 601 1742 (within Singapore), or +603 9145 1388 (outside Singapore).
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “forgot password” at the login screen for RHB Mobile and follow the steps to reset your password.
7) How do I access my RHB FX Multi-Currency Card (previously known as RHB Travel FX Card) on RHB Mobile?
  Once you are logged in on RHB Mobile, simply select the RHB FX Multi-Currency option and you will be able to access its feature.
8) With the change in the product’s name to RHB FX Multi-Currency Card, can I continue to use my existing RHB Travel FX Card?
  There is no change to the physical card and you are able to continue using your existing RHB Travel FX Card.
9) What new features and services does RHB Mobile have?
  Here are some of the new features and services on the App:
Overview of all account balances and transactions in one dashboard
Access your accounts quickly and securely using biometric authentication
Transfer funds quickly using FAST
Apply for new accounts via the App
We are working to bring you more features on the App in the near future.
10) The features seem limited. What about bill payments etc…
  We are working to bring you more features on the App in the near future. We will be adding more services in the coming months and will keep you updated.
11) Where can I read the Terms and Conditions for RHB Mobile and RHB FX Multi-Currency?
  You can refer to the Terms and Conditions for the RHB Mobile Application here and the RHB FX Multi-Currency Card here.