Advisory against SMS/Email Phishing Scams

Dear customers,


Reports of SMS / email scams have recently been on the rise. These scams typically impersonate the bank by misusing a legitimate sender name and SMS code, usually something that closely takes after the name of the bank. Mobile devices are unable to differentiate the name of the senders, and the SMSes may appear on the same thread as the previous bank messages. Unsuspecting victims end up receiving links within their emails or SMSes, leading them to disclose their mobile banking details. In such cases, victims will only realise that they have been scammed after receiving notifications of the transaction or when they receive their bank account statement.


We urge all customers to remain vigilant and safeguard against falling prey to such scams. Do not click on links that request for banking information nor share your information with anyone without verification. The bank will never ask for your mobile banking information, log in details or OTP over the phone.


Please call our Customer Contract Centre @ 1800 323 0100 if you are unsure. For more information, visit our Cyber Security Tips page at