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Export Services

Export solutions for your peace of mind

Enjoy comprehensive export solutions to help you seamlessly receive payments and improve your business cash flow. Safely and effectively mitigate trade risks so you can comfortably expand your business reach and growth with confidence

Letter Of Credit Advising

Gain greater peace of mind as your buyer’s Letter of Credit is verified prior to any trade shipments. RHB checks the authenticity of the letter against the terms and conditions of the export documents to safeguard you from any risks associated with delayed payment.

Transferrable Letter Of Credit

We help you facilitate smooth business operations and procurement if you are an intermediary or reseller in a trade transaction. Quickly and easily secure your goods with transferring this export Letter of Credit to the final seller with an assurance to the manufacturer. This eliminates the hassle of opening multiple Letter of Credit’s for other parties, but do keep in mind that a Letter of Credit can only be transferred once.

Export Pre-Shipment Financing

Global exports become smoother with pre-shipment working capital. RHB’s Export Pre-Shipment financing allows you as a direct or indirect exporter, to effortlessly fund global or domestic purchases with improved operating expenses.

Letter of Credit Confirmation

RHB will assist on your buyer’s Letter of Credit upon request and guarantee payment once conditions in the Letter of Credit have been fulfilled. Both parties will gain greater assurance and peace of mind, while mitigating any risks associated with the Letter of Credit during a trade transaction.

Outward Bill Collection

Collect payment easily and efficiently from your buyer’s bank through our Outward Bill Collection. Our service supports the management and handling of all export documents that are presented to RHB in accordance with terms stipulated in the transaction between parties.

Export Open Account Post-Shipment

We will help you improve your cash flow on open account terms by funding any overheads throughout a trade agreement. We provide assurance to your buyer based on a stipulated credit period and helps form a better working relationship between parties.

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