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Premier Plus Account

We grow your wealth, you achieve your aspirations

Watch your money grow without
the stress of managing it.
Our Premier Plus Account allows you to earn more in interest compared to other premier accounts in the market. Whether it’s a special investment or day-to-day savings, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the current account that puts you first.

Earn up to 1.28% p.a. interest rate
and achieve your financial goals

Deposit Amount (S$)Prevailing Interest Rate (% p.a.)
$200,000 to below $500,0001.08% p.a. from the first dollar
$500,000 to $5,000,0001.28% p.a. from the first dollar
In excess of $5,000,0001.28% for the first $5,000,000
and the remaining at 0.08%
* Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Interest rate of 0.08% p.a. will apply to amounts below $200,000 and remaining balance above $5,000,000. Interest is accrued daily, compounded and credited at the end of the month. Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy higher rates & no fall-below fees

Interest earned based on S$200,000 deposit
You earn an interest rate of 1.08% p.a. That is S$460 more compared to other premier accounts in the market.
Interest earned based on S$500,000 deposit
The more you deposit with us, the more interest you will earn. At the next tier of S$500,000, you can earn 1.28% p.a. on your entire account balance up to S$5,000,000.
High returns of up to 1.08% p.a. and above
The more you deposit, the more interest you earn when you reach the next deposit tier. Interest rates apply from the first dollar onwards. Make your money work harder for you and get the best returns for every dollar deposited.
Earn without
strings attached
There is no lock-in period, no multiple conditions to fulfil, no monthly minimum average and no fall-below fee. Open an account easily and receive a complimentary cheque book. Access your funds anytime via RHB Now Internet banking.
Freely access your funds whenever you want
With the Premier Plus Account, you will have unrivalled flexibility with your funds. Make deposits and withdrawals at any time throughout the year as you wish and enjoy higher interest rates as compared to a rigid fixed deposit account where funds may be locked.

RHB Premier Client Referral Programme 2019

Enjoy exclusivity with RHB Premier Plus Account
  • Earn higher interest rates from first dollar onwards when you maintain higher deposit amount
  • Earn up to 1.28% p.a. – there are no additional requirements to fulfil such as salary crediting investment purchase, etc, other than to simply make the qualifying deposit amount
  • No fall-below fee
  • Conveniently access your funds with unlimited cheque book and internet banking
Joy is best enjoyed when privileges are shared

From now till 31 December 2019, you will be entitled to receive shopping vouchers (Gift) if you successfully refer your friends and family to open a Premier Plus account!

New Deposit AmountGift to Referrer*
$200,000 to less than $500,000$200
Above $5,000,000$500

To find out more, speak to our Premier Relationship Managers or visit any of our business centres.

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  • Individuals (Singaporean & PR) aged 21 years and above
  • Foreigners who have valid Employment Pass and Work Permit in Singapore
Documents Required
  • Documents required for Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents (PR)
    • Original NRIC or Passport, to be verified by branch
  • Documents required for foreign individual
    • Work Permit or Employment Pass
    • Passport or IC
    • The latest original copy of any bank statement, utility or telecommunication bill with residential address (Proof of residential address)
    • Any other documents as may be requested by the Bank at its sole discretion
Fees and Requirements
Premier Plus Account
Initial DepositMinimum S$200,000
Terms & Conditions

Interest rates are subjected to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Interest is accrued daily, compounded and credited at the end of the month. For amount less than S$200,000, the interest rate would be at 0.08% p.a. For amount exceeding S$5million, the base interest of 0.08% p.a. will apply.

Deposit Insurance Scheme

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.