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Unit Trusts

Your financial dreams, now a reality with unit trusts

Invest to achieve your dreams
Everyone has dreams of attaining financial goals to enjoy a rewarding life. With the right investments working for you, your dreams and goals become achievable.
Conquer the world of investments with the help of professionals
Unit trusts are an investment choice with a wide selection of investment strategies, ranging from a low to high risk spectrum. A Unit Trust Fund is a portfolio spread over various types of underlying instruments such as equities and/or bonds. Enjoy the luxury of having your investments professionally managed by fund managers with your choice of investment strategies and mandates that suit your needs and goals.

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The information provided here is to be seen as general information and shall not be seen as an offer or solicitation of business, to deal in any of the units trusts mentioned herein. Advice should be sought and given by qualified financial advisers regarding the suitability of the product to your unique investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Any mis-statement or non-disclosure of material facts by the customer may affect the suitability of the products recommended to you by our financial advisers. In the event that you choose not to seek any advice from a financial adviser, you are to make your own judgement on the suitability of the product to your own needs.

Past performance of a unit trust is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Any forecast or prediction of markets or economic trends, which are targeted by a unit trust, is not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of a unit trust. The value of the units and the income accruing to the units, if any, may rise or fall. It is to be noted that investments in unit trusts are subjected to risks and the principal amount invested is also subjected to the possibility of gains and losses.

Investments in unit trusts are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed or insured by RHB Bank.

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