Your People are Your Business

Who are the most important people in your company? Depending on the size of your team, it could either be your customers or employees. When your team is intimate, your customer would be the most important but as you grow, you will be increasingly reliant on your employees to get the business going and they, will be the most important people. Big organisations tend to have more resources to attract and retain talent. What happens if you are a SME or a start-up looking to hire?

Here are 3 tips to build your A-team to help bring your business to the next level even with limited budget and resources.

Understand why good employees resign

Retaining good employees is a constant key challenge. Look out for the reasons why they leave the company.

Crafting a clear career path

Creating opportunities for your employees to reshape and grow their career

Fostering a family culture

Family-like environment inspired more trust and commitment from employees

While doing so, keep the initiatives and goals clear in order to enhance the ROI per employee and monitor the changes that it will bring to the culture and motivation level of the company

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