Be a Lifepreneur: Taking Control of Your Business (and Life)

The Right Commitment

As a business owner, it is normal to be heavily committed to your business. You also shoulder the highest level of responsibility and are most likely juggling multiple duties to ensure smooth operations and results. All that is good for business, but then consider this: is your business running you?

The key to taking control of your business and life is to commit to setting aside time for work, for yourself, and for your loved ones. Making these commitments non-negotiable except for critical matters will also go a long way towards helping you manage your time.

Time for Work

Work never ends, especially when you own a business. That is why it is important to establish regular hours for work. Otherwise, your business could take hold of your life.

Time for Yourself

It is essential to set aside time for yourself. Working non-stop like a robot can lead to burnout and a loss of motivation.

Time for Loved Ones

Businesses rise and fall, but friends and family are with you through thick and thin. They are an important source of support when times get tough.

It is important to keep your business going, and it is equally important to give yourself reasons to keep working hard, such as enjoying time spent by yourself and with those you love. The same discipline you apply at work can also be used to take control of your life. Set aside time for work, for yourself, and for your loved ones. It is essential to abide by the rules you set for yourself. They are key to taking control of your life. Otherwise, your business could end up running you.

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